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"Fans of Louie’s Pizza don’t just like it—they LOVE it! Word-of-mouth from Louie’s enthusiastic customers is their best advertisement.

Kevin Kazmierczak of Romeo says his family orders takeout from Louie’s about twice a week and he passes a lot of other pizza places to get there. “We’ve had their salads, breads—everything’s good,” said Kazmierczak. “You can’t beat their prices and my boys love it. If I called them right now and asked what they wanted for dinner, they’d say Louie’s!”

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"Louie's Pizza is 'Turning Heads' with their Veterans Franchising Program!"
People aren't just raving about their product, they are now excited about the opportunities that the franchise company is providing. "People aren't just looking for hand outs; they are looking for an opportunity to just get ahead" says Marc Alexander Chief Operations Officer for Louie's Pizza. "We now have something tangible that anyone can get involved in."

If you want to learn more about Franchising Opportunities with Louie's Pizza you can reach Marc Alexander at marc@louiespizzapie.com. Let them know that you heard it hear at WOWE 98.9 FM to get our 'With Opportunity We Empower' benefit.

To learn more about Louie's Pizza and their vast menu of delicious products, visit them online at www.louiespizzapie.com
Louie's Veteran's Program has generated a lot of attention for veterans looking to begin a fresh new start. The program gives veterans the opportunity to not only save on their cost, but gives them the chance to get up on their feet before they have to pay the required fee. "It's the least that we can do" said Louie, Founder of Louie's Pizza when why the company was doing the big initiative. "You go out there and put your life on the line for others then come back to, for some, more troubles. We want give those who fought for us a fighting chance to now get on their feet."
Louie's Pizza has opportunities for anyone looking to start a franchise to get involved. "One thing that I learned during my years in Flint and as a listener of the station is that With Opportunity We Empower. The one thing that some of else need is just an opportunity in this sea of lost dreams. Had I not had my opportunity early on in my life, who knows where I may have ended up today" says Alexander. "Now it's time to Pay It Forward and help those who may be looking to do more."